Things to do to prevent from the disabled account

Instagram password hackerAre you the one who wants to know about the things which will help you to prevent your account from getting hacked? Don’t worry now, here in the post we will talk about some of the things which will help you to know about some of the things which you should always do if you don’t want your account to get hacked. These things are surely proved as per the opinions of the people. There are different sites which will help you to know that how to recover an IG account?

Things to do

Social media accounts are the privacy of the people, and no one wants to share their account’s password to the other people. There are many malpractices done by the accounts which were hacked by the people. Here are a few things are given below, if you do all these things, then you will never get hacked. Those things are:

Select good password

Don’t use the common and related password. Avoid the full names and your mobile numbers. A properly secured password includes letter some are capital, and some are small. Make sure that your password will have at least 12 characters, in which some are the letter, and some are digits, and you can use the signs also to make it more typical.

Protect your password

It is an important thing which you should always remember. Never share your password with anyone. Don’t trust anyone; you don’t know when their mind will get vanished, and they use it in the wrong manner.

Alternate e-mail address

When you set a password for your account then always set an alternative e-mail address and uses it when you forget your password. Sometimes you may forget your password if it happens then you can take help from the e-mail address and can find out the result.

Two factors authentication

If you want to secure your account, then you can set two factors authentication and can set it to secure it. The app will provide you with unique numbers which you must use when you log in.

Use a different password for different sites

There is not only one social networking site, but different social networking sites also are there, and people use different sites to make their accounts on it. You should always use different passwords for different sites to secure your account.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will use the tips as mentioned earlier to secure your account from getting it hacked.