Body Boss Review: “Obliterate Your Body Fat”

The mantra of living a healthy life is exercise. But there are very few who actually do it daily. Some may obstruct the notion that only hitting the gym will help to reduce extra body fat. While some believe in keeping fast and avoid too much calorie intake. But both the roads need guidance. A trainer in the gym is very essential to guide and properly train to achieve fitness goals. In a similar kind of fashion, intermittent fasting also needs a guide who can provide a proper “dos and don’ts” list. Here is the Body Boss review.

Body Boss review

The Body Boss review will take the readers through different aspects of the product and the effect on health. The body boss is an exclusive product of It basically guides a reader to follow certain steps and methods to stay fit and healthy life. Following are the different fitness guides available to shop:

  • Nutrition Guide: Food is the key player in transforming the fitness of the body. It is a 12-week step by step meal plan with more than 150 healthy and nutritious recipes followed by eating habits. The kit costs around $40 USD.
  • Fitness Guide: It is a 12-week fitness program. The guide consists of various exercises which help to burn fat rapidly. The exercises constitute around 24 minutes. And the best part is all the exercises are free hand. So, no equipment is required. The cost is near to $50 USD.
  • Combo Pack: It is a bundle of both nutrition as well as fitness guide which is available for a limited period at a remarkable price of $70 USD. Thus, the combo pack saves around $20 USD. Shipping is free as well.


  • It only needs 12 weeks of unsolicited dedication to achieve the fitness goals. The ultimate slim and toned body reflects back just by following a routine of prescribed exercises. And that too by dedicating only 24 minutes 3 times a week.
  • The exercises are a unique blend of Cardio, bodyweight resistance exercises, jumping exercises and unilateral exercises. The exercises are well woven into training circuits to cater to the body needs.
  • The difficulty level and intensity of each cycle increase gradually and also help in muscle development.


The results are simply outstanding and the effect can be seen from third week itself. But every individual is different and so is the body metabolism. So one may not find a drastic change all of a sudden but a subtle change can be observed over a period. And it surely will be inspiring.